Ward Drive Class II Bike Lanes

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The project will provide Class II bike lanes along Ward Drive from Hollister Avenue to the southern terminus of Ward Drive at the Atascadero Creek / Obern Trail, connecting the proposed Class II bike lanes to the Atascedero Creek/Obern Trail. The project will widen Ward Drive to accommodate 5 ft. Class II lanes along the eastern and western sides of the existing 2 lane road within the existing right of way. Under-utilized on-street parking will be removed where appropriate to allow for the addition of the Class II bike lanes. A new sidewalk will be constructed where no sidewalk currently exists along the west side of Ward Drive in front of the Rancho Goleta Mobile Home Park and will tie into the existing sidewalk to the north.

Purpose and Need

The narrow roadway with no shoulders in areas discourages existing users and new potential users from bicycling down Ward Drive due to a perceived lack of safety and conflict with vehicles. There is a short stretch of Class II bike lanes just south of Hollister Avenue, but the rest of Ward Drive tends to be narrow and not bicycle or pedestrian friendly. The project will provide bicycle access for commuters to/from the various business complexes along Ward Drive and will provide a direct connection to the Obern Trail providing access to UCSB and Isla Vista.

Strategic Plan Goals

 Implement Citywide Capital Improvement Program

Funding Source

Funding for this project is a combination of Measure A Alternative Transportation Grants, Measure A Local funds, Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP), and Transportation Development Account (TDA) funds.

Current Phase

Project is out to bid and is expected to be awarded February 21, 2017.  Construction is expected to begin by April 2017 and be completed by July 2017.


Teresa Lopes