Goleta's Future

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As a relatively young City (incorporated in February 2002), Goleta has a full plate of priorities and goals with much to accomplish. Creating a vision for our community, the City Council has established a Strategic Plan which helps to guide the organization through a series of 13 broad-based goals and an extensive list of objectives. To view our Strategic Plan and discover what we are currently working on and what is on the horizon for the City, please click on the following link:

Another guiding document is the City’s General Plan - a growth and planning tool that establishes various expectations for Goleta’s future and our natural and built environment. The General Plan was first adopted in 2006 and was recently amended. To view the City's General Plan, please click on the following link:

Another important and insightful document is the City’s 2-year budget for all departments and special funds. The budget works to describe currently funded programs, projects and services, deemed a priority by the City Council. The budget also provides long-term trends, a breakdown of revenues and expenditures and a look at City reserves and special funds. A copy of the budget can be viewed by clicking below:

We look forward to continuing to make our community a vibrant, viable and livable community!